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InkTober 2017 Week1

Collection of the first week of Inktober 2017!!! I choose to post weekly on Artstation!
I'm following (not litterally) the spooky prompt list posted on instagram by Amanda McFarlane( @theanimatedlife).
You can follow my inktober daily on my tumblr or on my instagram

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober07 2017

InkTober 7 @brownbagfilms ! Pretty sure there is no need for explanations this time! hope you like it!

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober06 2017

InkTober 6 @brownbagfilms … Get back on the @theanimatedlife prompt list! The Canterville Ghost is practicing how to spook with a friend… He will get it eventually!

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober05 2017

Inktober 5 @brownbagfilms … “She said:I love you!”… these things happen when you date a Slayer, Angel!

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober04 2017

inkTober n 4 @brownbagfilms - other deviation from the main prompt list…again never followed supernatural! So Boxtrolls in: Shopping!!!

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober03 2017

Inktober 3 @brownbagfilms ! First change from @theanimatedlife prompt list! I have never followed Hocus Pocus but… I did follow Mighty Max Tv Show when I was a kid so here we are! Run Max run.

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober02 2017

Be My Guest!!!Drac ia inviting you for dinner. Are you going to accept? InkTober number 2 @brownbagfilms Following (not litterally) the spooky list by Amanda McFarlane

Giacomo esposito vivino inktober01 2017

Look who’s Scared Now!!!
INKtober2017 has started! here the first one of my Spooky list! Brush Pen and Windsor and Newton coloured Ink.